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We’re featuring Payette Brewing out of Boise, Idaho.  Meridian store owner, Mike Wood, sent over several questions for Ian Fuller their brewer, to get a little taste of what happening at Payette.

Q: Blood Orange Outlaw IPA. Will you be putting this product into package soon or will it remain available in keg only?
A:  We have been discussing the packaging of the Blood Orange, and it will be a while before it happens. We are currently working on shelf life and clarity. We also won’t be able to add it til the new production facility is complete. So this one is a TBD.

Q: We are super excited to hear about your plans to incorporate a barrel aging facility into your production regiment. What are some of the beers that you will be making initially when that facility is ready?
A: I am excited about barrel program too. The different styles are still TBD. Once again when the new facility is up and running, we will be able to work on those. We have been kicking around a few ideas, but they are top secret.

Q: There are many beer festivals held annually in the Northwest. Which festivals are your favorite to enter your beers into.., and in the upcoming festivals, which of your beers will you be entering for judging and in what category?
A: I love the Oregon Beer Festival it always feels like a family reunion to me. I hear we will be in the Holiday Ale Festival and a Pumpkin Beer Fest in Seattle too. I don’t think that any of those have a competition element. We are entering the G.A.B.F. Pistolaro in a robust porter, Rodeo in session, Fly line in cream ale, Outlaw( Rustler ) in strong pale, and Leaning Barn in saison.

Q: What are some of your inspirational stories regarding how you came up with recipes for your beers or how you came up with the names of your beers?
A: I don’t know where to start on this one. Love, Life, Death, Birth and wanting to bring balance back to the force. The naming of beers is mostly our marketing department.

Q: Your marketing and branding appear to be extremely successful. What do you think are some of the key reasons your marketing and branding are so well received?
A: Hard work from Sheila, Paige and Drake Cooper is where the credit should go for that. I think that it is the simplicity of our designs, and our western theme is awesome.

Q: When you’re not drinking Payette beers, what are some of your other favorite beers to drink and why?
A: I love to support local. So when I have an opportunity Hop notion, Galena gold, Bear Islands potato IPA, Haffs Watermelon wheat, Root beer beer from Post Modern, Old Boise Lager from Woodland, Brew Dog Black IPA from County line, Kelsos beers at 10 BBL, And I will always love Total Domination  from Ninkasi.

Q: What are your top 3 favorite Payette beers to drink, and (in your opinion) what would be the perfect meal to accompany each of those three beers?
A: Outlaw with spicy Thai food, Rodeo with mac and cheese and little smokies, and Slaughter HJuse with leftovers in the break room fridge.

Q: What motivates you to continue to strive for excellence and creativity in your beer making?
A: All of the great people I work with and my family are what inspire me. Being able to support my family and say that i do what I love too is an awesome feeling.

Q: What tactics have you used in the past to persuade non craft beer drinkers into trying your craft beers and hence, converting into lifetime craft beer drinkers?
A: I usually just offer to buy them a beer. If they like it, we talk about it more. If they don’t, I just finish it for them.

Q: If you weren’t brewing beer as your profession, what would your profession be?
A: I would be a stay at home dad, my kids are the greatest little people I have ever met.

Q: Tell us about how you came to be a brewer.
A: I moved to Eugene, Oregon to be with my wife and didn’t have a love of craft beer til I sat down at the Steelhead Brewery. I never knew that beer could be so diverse. Full of flavor and aroma. I brought my resume in the next day, got a job bartending and cooking then begged Jamie Floyd to let me wash kegs. It took about a year of building a relationship and asking him every day. He caved in and the rest is history.

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