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Following in the footsteps of Europeans and East coasters, the Growler Guys® opened its doors in early 2012. Word traveled fast among craft beer enthusiasts and general folks who wanted to test the concept. The concept is pretty cool: Our first growler fill station in Bend, Oregon at the Stop and Go Shell gas station has 45 of the most varied local craft beer favorites, and not-so-local brews, on tap for you to choose from and take home in either a 32-oz or 64-oz growler. What started as a fill station has now grown to many locations across several states serving amazing craft beer in tap house settings yet still providing the unique to go options we have been known for!

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What's on Tap at Your Local Growler Store

Find out what's on tap at our many Growler Guy's locations. Pick from over 40+ beers, ciders, and more!

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How to pick the right glass

A beer glass is far more than just a holder for beer.
The proper glass will not only hold your beer but it can completely change how you experience a beer.

What is a Growler?

We beer drinkers have quite the love affair with our growlers. We fill them; we collect them, and sometimes, we even drink straight from them. But what exactly is a “growler,” and how did such a joyous jug get such a gruff name? While the origin of the term “growler” is the subject of much debate, the history of the growler is as clear as a white ale. Resourceful drinkers have been finding ways to cart beer home since that first ancient brewer discovered the magical effect of fermenting yeasts with grains. Here in the U.S, the earliest records of thirsty townspeople carrying beer home from their local watering hole...
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What is a Growler?


Franchising The Growler Guys

Franchising The Growler Guys

The Growler Guys offer retail sales of craft beverages and various size bottles to fill beer, cider, kombucha, and other beverages. Interested in opening your own? Learn more.
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