The Best Craft Beers to Sip Your Way Through Summer

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the perfect excuse to quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds with a cold, refreshing craft beer. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, grilling in the backyard, or enjoying a sunset on the beach, summer is the perfect season to explore a variety of brews that are light, crisp, and full of flavor. Here are some top picks for the best types of craft beers to enjoy this summer.


Pilsners are the quintessential summer beer. Known for their crisp and clean taste, these light-bodied lagers often have higher carbonation, offering a refreshing experience that’s hard to beat in the summer heat. Their subtle flavors pair well with a variety of summer foods, such as grilled meats, salads, and seafood, making them a versatile choice for barbecues and picnics. 

Wheat Beers

Wheat beers are another summer favorite, thanks to their light, cloudy appearance and smooth, slightly creamy texture. These beers often have a hint of citrus and spice, as well as higher carbonation, making them perfectly refreshing in warm weather. Wheat beers pair well with a variety of summer foods, from light salads and seafood to spicy dishes and barbecued meats, enhancing the overall dining experience during summer gatherings.


Saisons, or farmhouse ales, are a great choice for summer thanks to their light body, effervescence, and complex flavors. Originally brewed for Belgian farm workers during the summer, these beers are designed to be thirst-quenching and refreshing. Their complex flavors and dry finish make them versatile for pairing with a wide range of summer foods, from light salads and seafood to grilled meats and spicy dishes.

Session IPAs

For hop lovers who want a lower alcohol content, session IPAs are the way to go. These beers typically have an ABV of around 3-5% while still providing all the hoppy goodness of a traditional IPA, making them perfect for extended summer drinking sessions. Their bold yet balanced flavors make session IPAs versatile for pairing with a variety of summer foods, including grilled meats, seafood, salads, and spicy dishes.

Fruited Sours

Fruited sours bring a burst of tart, tangy fruit flavor that is incredibly refreshing on a hot day. From berries to tropical fruits, these beers are brewed with a variety of fruits and can range from sweet to tart, adding a vibrant refreshing twist to the traditional sour beer profile. The bright, acidic characteristics of fruited sours make them versatile for pairing with a variety of summer foods, such as fresh salads, seafood, grilled chicken, and even desserts.


Kolsch beers, originating from Cologne, Germany, are perfect for summer with their light, crisp, and slightly fruity profile. This style is highly sessionable, so you can enjoy a few without feeling weighed down. Kolsch beers are fermented with ale yeast but conditioned at cooler temperatures like a lager, resulting in a clean and refreshing beer. Their balanced and mild flavor makes them a good match for a variety of summer foods, such as salads, seafood, grilled chicken, and light pasta dishes.


Gose is a unique style that is making a comeback in the craft beer world. These beers are brewed with salt and coriander, resulting in a slightly tart and refreshing beer that’s perfect for hot weather. The tart, salty, and slightly spicy flavors of Gose beers make them versatile for pairing with a variety of summer foods, such as seafood, salads, grilled vegetables, and light snacks.

Cool Down with a Cold Craft Beer at The Growler Guys

When the summer heat is on, there’s nothing quite like a cold craft beer to cool you down. Whether you prefer the crispness of a pilsner, the fruity notes of a wheat beer, or the hoppy punch of a session IPA, you’ll find it at The Growler Guys. With an extensive selection of local craft breweries on tap, your perfect summer beer is just a pour away. Cheers to a refreshing summer!

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