Beer Pairings for the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with gatherings of friends, company parties, and family dinners.  Sometimes you have the opportunity to plan the menu, while other times, your only choice is the accompanying beverage.  Traditionally, many people think of wine for special occasions.  Today, however, many people are discovering unique beers to enjoy or share instead.  Here’s our guide for easy beer pairings for the holidays to make your gathering a memorable one.

What’s for dinner?

The right beer pairings for the holidays start with considering the featured food element of the meal.  Of course, you can always select a different beer for the appetizers, the main course, and the dessert.  Here are some of the most popular selections for holiday meals:

  • Ham.  The most popular main course for many holiday meals is ham.  If this will be true for you, select an Irish Red Ale or Imperial Pale Ale.  If the host is planning for a smoked ham, try a Pilsner or Lager instead.
  • Turkey.  If you’ll be feasting on an oven-roasted bird, the best beers include Brown or Amber Ales and American Pale Ales.  However, if you’ll enjoy a smoked turkey, a Scotch Ale or Porter is a delicious compliment.
  • Lobster.  Lobster is a decadent selection for holiday meals.  A lighter beer will pair well without overwhelming the taste of the seafood.  Choose a Saison or Hefeweizen to go with lobster.
  • Pot Roast.  Since pot roast is a heartier meat selection, you can easily go with a full-bodied German-Style Bock or Porter.
  • Vegetarian.  Many people opt to avoid meat for holiday meals.  Meals that feature root or other winter vegetables should be paired with a Belgian-Style Flanders or Schwarzbier-style beverage.

Grab a Growler or Two on Your Way to a Dinner Party

Bringing a growler of beer with you to a dinner party is the modern-day equivalent of giving the host a bottle of wine.  All the guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in bringing a unique beverage that perfectly complements the meal.

Best of all, the staff at The Growler Guys will help you choose the right beer to accompany your holiday meal.  Try several beers and pick the ones you like the best.  We’ll fill the growlers and have you on your way to your event feeling confident about your selections.

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